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Remember when I used to joke about writing a book one day? So there you have it, said day has come. Now the world gets to rejoice in this compiled and curated collection of content from my Instagram. I included many contextually related pictures as well, although I put the main focus on my writings. Often philosophical or wise, sometimes funny or ironic, other times poetic or just unemotional, objective and informative. With mindfulness and self-awareness.


This chapter is especially for you if you like words and stuff. Please note my crafty description, indicating I know a lot about these things. I promise the following content will be way more literary than this.


In this chapter, you can find short stories, opinions and anecdotes of mine. Also, quotes by other wise people and my opinion on them. The wide variety of topics ranges from seemingly superficial nonsense to indispensable wisdom. From a mindful appreciation of nature and gratitude to be alive to carefree existence and relishing the present moment. This and more coming up next. Enjoy!


The antidote to not knowing something is learning it. Regardless of whether you have ever even asked yourself any of these questions, I will answer them. In this chapter, you can find interesting, funny, useful, useless, trivial, profound, and other facts about life, earth, the universe, flora and fauna, people, language, etymology and other stuff related to my Instagram posts’ pictures and/or directly copied from their caption texts.

Bonus: The origin of spreadfire

What’s the story behind the name?
This is the origin story of spreadfire. It’s mostly about the birth of the name and only tangential about the person behind the pseudonym. Fear not for the messiah has come.

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