Hmmm - should I say that?
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What does it do?

This simple and handy mobile app helps you decide whether you (or anyone else) should say/write/share something, or if it is better left unsaid. It can also help you to pause and think before emotionally replying, preventing ‘road rage’ or prematurely judging.

You can share the result with others, e.g. on social media or in a private message with your interlocutor (friend, family member, colleague, etc.). A meme-style share pic with a seal of approval (or not, depending on which boxes are checked) is predestined to lighten up the mood and ease the tension.

Think before you speak. Criteria that should influence your decision (if anything should be said):
– Is it true? (Most importantly, in my opinion. Read more about my reasoning here)
– Is it kind?
– Is it just?
– Is it helpful?
– Is it necessary?

How does it look?

Take a look at some In-App Screenshots:

Why do I need it?

This can serve as a basic guideline. Not to get too deep into philosophy, ethics and morality. Let’s just say: Socrates and Buddha would approve.

We all could sometimes use a little help communicating. Nobody is perfect. It helps to take a deep breath, calm down, take a step back, see the situation from a neutral perspective. Imagine seeing yourself from a bird’s-eye view, or looking over your own shoulder from a 3rd-person POV. It is easier to criticize and judge others than ourselves.

Or maybe you just like to meme. Leaving sassy replies in the Facebook comment section. Then you can use this app’s share button to support your comment with an official FAIL picture, or a seal of approval, respectively.

Have fun using the app, for yourself, in face-to-face conversations, or in heated discussions on Facebook, as a reply to irrationality and misinformation. Go out into the world and do good. Or as the late, great Christopher Hitchens said:

“Never be a spectator of unfairness or stupidity. The grave will supply plenty of time for silence.”

What now?

I would love to hear your feedback of any kind. Best DM me on or email me. Also, rate the app in the Google Play Store. Thanks!
How do you like the app overall? What’s good or bad about it? Do you have wishes, suggestions, feature requests?

I have a web version planned, as well as an iOS version.

I’ll also share my personal experience and real-life use cases with you. Subscribe to my newsletter to get notified of new blog articles:

Live long and prosper, my fellow ape. 🖖😊

Update: New article with videos of app use cases

Bringing Justice To Social Media

Download the Android app, now available on Google Play:

Get it on Google Play
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