Why Astrology Believers are Setting Themselves Up for Disappointment

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You know what another turn-off is? Your zodiac sign. Not your particular sign, but the fact that you deemed it important enough to include in your Tinder profile at all. It falls into the same category as anti-vaxxers, I guess. Just a milder form of delusion.

Now it may not look like it, but I’m actually a very tolerant and pleasant-natured guy in person and in everyday life. You just get to see this side of me, in this context, advocating for philosophical principles that don’t always apply 1 to 1 to practical real-life situations.

Then, in dating, there’s also this: It depends. It depends on the person, on their level of delusion, on how it manifests and affects daily life and our interactions, etc. On one end of the spectrum could be someone who likes to read horoscopes just for fun but doesn’t (consciously) think, act, or plan differently. On the other end could be somebody who coordinates their entire life around astrology. What to do, when to buy, who to love.

And depending on what I’m looking for and what you’re looking for, certain parameters have differing priorities. For example, I would probably not date a smoker long-term (because they die early anyway, haha). I have in the past, but it was always a compromise and I saw it as a ‘flaw’, diminishing the quality of our relationship and my partner, as well. So imagine how much more I have to love you to put up with that. However, on the other hand, if we both agree to just have fun, without a long-term commitment, smoking is less of a factor. As long as it doesn’t make me puke while kissing, that is.

Analogous to that, I see astrology similarly. We can have a great time where we put all our differences aside. But when it comes to a real, loving, sustainable relationship, I have to decide whether to let it slide. My reasons for disliking astrology and other non-reality-based thinking are plentiful. Life is hard enough already as it is, we don’t have to add magical thinking and imaginary problems.

Don’t blame me for things you thought I did or said. Instead of assuming the worst and interpreting in bad faith, ask clarifying questions. Innocent until proven guilty. Trust unless there’s reason to mistrust. Don’t bear a grudge over a misunderstanding after we cleared it up. Don’t let arbitrarily assigned, presumed character traits and their falsely ascribed compatibility with a potential partner keep you from finding love. Don’t walk across the street without looking left and right because in your mind the path is clear and you wish there was no truck approaching. Don’t deny our children medical care because you believe in homeopathy. I could go on forever.

Let’s deal with facts and reality. It leads to less stress, and a happier, healthier life in general, in my experience. This should be a foundational principle in dating, relationships, and life in general.

ChatGPT – why do so many women like astrology?

It is difficult to say why certain groups of people may have certain preferences or beliefs, but some possible explanations for why some women may be drawn to astrology could include a desire for understanding and insight into themselves and others, a sense of community and shared understanding with others who believe in astrology, and the potential for personal validation and empowerment through the identification with specific astrological traits and characteristics. Additionally, astrology can be seen as a form of entertainment or escapism, providing a way to make sense of the world and its complexity.

This article is part of my new series, Tinder Reflections, where I reflect on my past experiences with the dating platform, love, life, and stuff. Personal, autobiographical, relatable, philosophical, intimate, vulnerable, critical. Mindful enough to be aware and honest enough to admit.

Guest-starring: the omnipresent, much-knowing, widely loved A.I., ChatGPT.

It’s gonna be a banger! Both literally and figuratively.

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